You thought last year was gruesome? Just wait till you see what we have in store this year.


More Demons! More Zombies! And yes... More Clowns! The evil spirits are waiting for you.


We've expanded the Rotting Flesh Factory, so now it take even longer to walk through!

Buy Your Tickets Online & Save Time!

Purchase your tickets online and SKIP the ticket booth. Save time, buy online!

Any last questions before our spirits terrorize your mind? Get the answers quick, because we're dying for you to join us. Oh, and yes... it's scary.
Every year we come out with brand new Rotting Flesh Factory shirts & merch. Check out all our new 2015 merch here, and buy them everyday we're open!
The Rotting Flesh Factory has streamlined our lines to make them faster than ever. There are THREE Ticket options to choose from for a faster wait, and if you don't want to wait at all, you can always buy the VIP Immediate Access Ticket!
The Rotting Flesh Factory is an All Ages Event. Anyone can come in... however, Parental Discretion is ADVISED! Be smart about your kids going through. Make sure they can handle it. Children under 9 will not be allowed in without Parental Supervision.
Rotting Flesh Factory will have multiple promos throughout the season where you can get tickets as low as $1.04! Check our Facebook page often for more info!
Do you think you could work in an environment like the Rotting Flesh Factory? If so we're looking for a small group of people to join our team! Let's get started.
  • The Rotting Flesh Factory is an interactive haunted house in the RGV created in a 15,000 sq. ft. labyrinth, born of dysfunction and a thousand nightmares. The things you experience at Rotting Flesh Factory will scar you for life.